Welcome to Operation National Anthem.

A note from creator Dayna Steele: A friend serving in a civilian capacity as support for our troops in Iraq told me the story of a Jamaican contractor who holds great respect for the USA national anthem. In fact, this Jamaican gentleman was so moved by our national anthem, he told my friend that when he dies, he is to be buried on Jamaican soil but “The Star Spangled Banner” is to be played as he is laid to rest. This Jamaican citizen went on to say that when he visited friends in the USA and attended a sporting event, he was shocked and dismayed to see people leave their hats on, talk, chat on cell phones, etc., while our national anthem was being played. Inspired by this story, I wrote a script and my friend presented the idea to the Armed Services Network in Iraq. That is how Operation National Anthem came to be.  Thank you Harrison Thomas for the inspiration! 

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